BetaOne Investments Limited is now offering IPO Application services.  One can apply for IPO by opening a BO account or creating a link account at a very competitive rate of brokerage commission at BetaOne.

BetaOne offers include:

  1. Opening BO account at Tk. 500 as CDBL charge and Tk. 100 for application form and service charge.
  2. Brokerage commission for Buy/Sell of IPO shares is 0.4%, a very competitive rate in the market.

How to open a BO account and apply for IPO:

        Procedure 1:

You can visit our office with an account payee cheque and necessary documents, one of our client support person will help you throughout the process.

        Procedure 2:

If you are residing outside Dhaka and  want to apply for IPO, you may download the “BO account opening application form” from the download section of this site and fill it up yourself.  Please be sure you have signed all the necessary sections marked tick (?). You can also download the IPO application form, fill it up and sign necessary section.  Application form(s) may be sent to us through email attachment as well as by courier.

        Payment Method:

  1. You may courier an account payee crossed cheque in favor of BetaOne Investments Limited along with the application form. You can also deposit the amount through the account payee cheque and send us the copy of the deposit slip along with the application form.
  2. You can bKash the amount to the bKash account number of BetaOne Investment Limited and send the payment confirmation reference number on a piece of paper along with the application form to BetaOne.
  3. It is also possible to online bank transfer to the bank account of BetaOne Investment Limited and send us the reference number/text along with the amount you deposited to the bank. Also send us the confirmation email you received from your bank against this payment along with your application form.

In any case mentioned above BetaOne will act only after getting your signed application form and the proof of payment made in favor of BetaOne Investments Limited.  If due to late delivery by courier and you miss the IPO application in due time, BetaOne will not be liable for it.  In such a case BetaOne will preserve  the amount for the next IPO application.