Suitable for whom

  • Have excess money to invest in stock market
  • Have objective of investing in stocks by themselves
  • Have tolerance of accepting volatility in return

Unique Attributes

Apart from the above-mentioned common attributes of the Non-Discretionary Portfolios, BetaGOLD Portfolio has few unique attributes.

  • Minimum investment requirement is BDT 5 million
  • Margin loan facilities are available
  • Interest rate is lower than BetaSILVER investors and other competitors

 Management Style

BetaGOLD Portfolio investors will solely make the buy and sell decisions. BetaOne Investments Limited will only execute investors’ decisions. Investors have to bear full risk of their portfolio accounts. BetaOne will provide marginable stock list to the BetaGOLD Portfolio investors. BetaGOLD investors have to invest within the stocks of the list.

Margin Loan

BetaOne Investments Limited provides margin loan facility to the BetaGOLD portfolio investors and charges interest at reduced rate than that of other products. Margin loan will be given as per margin loan policy of the company.

Withdrawal Mode

Investors may withdraw their entire investment with return, either positive or negative, at any time of the year.

Fee Structure

For managing BetaGOLD Portfolio, BetaOne Investments Limited charges fee as per established fee schedule of the company.

Are you interested?

Would you like to know more about BetaGOLD Portfolio Services? BetaOne Investments Limited will be glad to inform you further.

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