Suitable for whom

  • Have excess money to invest for at least one year
  • Have intention to invest only in instruments of Shariah compliant companies
  • Have preference of getting attractive return over Islamic deposit products
  • Have tolerance of accepting volatility in return
  • Do not have time, inclination or expertise to manage the portfolio by himself

Management Style

BetaSHARIAH portfolio is managed through investing in instruments of Shariah compliant companies and expected to provide higher return over Islamic deposit products. BetaOne maintains a universe of shariah compliant instruments. Investment of BetaSHARIAH is made within this universe and for quite long period.

Investment Analysis

Fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quantitative analysis are used to select stocks and ensure proper timing of trade execution.


BetaSHARIAH intends to provide higher return over Islamic deposit products. It is expected that BetaSHARIAH will significantly outperform Islamic deposit products over long run.


BetaSHARIAH is a low risky portfolio of BetaOne Investments Limited. But, it is not unlikely that investor may get back less than his investment at the end of investment period. To manage risk properly, a dedicated risk management department works to manage all types of investment risks carefully and efficiently. Through proper diversification, asset allocation, liquidity management, volatility analysis etc. unreasonable risk of the portfolio is professionally managed and eliminated.

Minimum Investment

Minimum investment amount is BDT 2.5 million.

Investment Horizon

Investment should be made for at least one year. However, investor may maintain his investment for his entire life. If the time horizon is long, the portfolio has more time to recover short term loss and the client may enjoy attractive return from his portfolio.

Margin Loan

BetaSHARIAH is a cash portfolio account and, therefore, margin loan is not used in this portfolio.

Withdrawal Mode

Investor may withdraw his entire investment with return, either positive or negative, at the end of one year. However, he may maintain his investment for more time if he wishes. In case of necessity, investor may even withdraw his money, fully or partially, before the end of one year. In this case, early withdrawal fee of 0.5% will be charged on his withdrawal amount.

Fee Structure

For managing BetaSHARIAH portfolio, BetaOne Investments Limited charges management fee of 2.5% per annum on asset value of the portfolio. Asset value of portfolio is decided by market value of the portfolio. Management fee is charged monthly. Other than management fee, transaction and settlement fee is also charged @ 0.40% on transaction value.


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